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Add a Personal Touch to Your Gift Card this Holiday Season

Industry Innovations Lead to Big Wins for Consumers

OKLAHOMA CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–All too often the gift card has gotten a bad wrap for not being the most thoughtful gift. However, in today’s marketplace that is changing – and fast.

The Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA), which includes most of the nation’s leading retailers, wants consumers to know that there are many more ways to give the hottest gift of the season that don’t involve getting out in holiday traffic.

Retailers have embraced the popularity of gift cards and have created innovative ways that make the purchase and redemption of the cards easier and faster. Today there are mobile apps that will send a gift card right to someone’s inbox and other websites that allow you to literally wrap the card in favorite photos from the year.

Rebekka Rea, Executive Director of the RGCA is excited about the innovations in the gift card industry. “Today, more than ever, gift cards are a perfect gift. They are easily purchased and sent, with the ability to do so right from your smartphone. In many cases the cards themselves can be personalized with a special photo or message. Furthermore, the industry is learning to integrate itself into commonly used platforms and applications that are making gift giving easy and accessible in this busy world.”

New companies that specialize in the delivery of customized cards continue to grow. For those consumers who need to purchase cards from several different retailers now have one-stop shopping alternatives. Companies like Gyft.com and Wrapp.com offer consumers the ability to instantly purchase and send gift cards from multiple retailers during a single visit to their sites. In some cases the sites also have the ability to sync with users’ Facebook accounts and can send reminders of friends’ and family members’ birthdays.

Industry innovations do not stop with the purchase of the gift card. For those who are lucky enough to receive several gift cards this holiday season, there are sites and mobile apps that allow them to log in and register their cards, eliminating the need to keep the cards in their wallets. It is also a safeguard against losing the cards as all values are stored online.

While it is up to the retailers to allow the purchase of gift cards through third parties, the growing popularity of mobile giving has gotten the attention of some of these most popular national brands and retailers whose cards are now available. Retailers, whether large or small, know that gift card redemption in January is a large driver of overall traffic. Making sure that their gift cards are easily purchased, shared as gifts and ultimately redeemed, is resulting in big wins for consumers.

The Retail Gift Card Association was founded in 2008 to promote the use of in-store gift cards. To be a member of the RGCA the retailer’s gift cards can neither expire nor have any fees associated with the product. For more information about RCGA please visit www.thergca.org or follow the association on Twitter @TheRGCA or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/retailgiftcards.


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