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57.7% of Consumers want Gift Cards or Gift Certificates as Holiday Presents

    Gift Cards remain the most popular holiday gift requested for five years running.  57.7% of consumers want gift cards or gift certificates as holiday presents according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2011 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.  It is the highest demand recorded in the survey’s history for gift cards or certificates. In response, retailers

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    Are Gift Cards Dead? Response to CNBC news

      Don’t plan any gift card memorials  yet-there is still a LOT of life in the #1 most requested holiday gift! CNBC’s recent report on holiday gift card usage, Why Gift Cards May Be Dying Trend was an attention getting headline but it sent the wrong message.  The call out is not “gift cards may be

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      Better Business Bureau: Beware of WalMart texting scam

        I have told you in the past that our next onslaught of scams will come by text messaging. Here is a good example: consumers are reporting receiving text messages on cell phones that claim they have won a $1,000 Walmart gift card. They are told they need to enter a code word on a website

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        Blame Christie for gift-card scam

          12:57 PM, Apr. 5, 2012   The Daily Record is entirely correct in calling the state’s claiming of unused gift card and gift certificates for balancing the budget a “ridiculous money grab,” but your version of how this misguided law came to be shows your memory to be foggy (“Gift-card law little more than Trenton

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          Consumers intend to spend $17.6B on Valentine’s Day gifts

            Consumers intend to spend $17.6B on Valentine’s Day gifts Don’t forget a romantic dinner – 70 million people to dine out February 05, 2012 My wife and I have already bought both of our families’ Valentine’s Day cards, chocolate boxes and that doesn’t include gifts for our cats and the gifts I will give my

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