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The 2020 RGCA Strategy is focused on laddering up to our value proposition to share knowledge, combine our powerful voices and provide opportunities to learn from one another.

2020 Pillars

  • KNOWLEDGE: Create and curate knowledge to be used in leading our respective gift card businesses.
  • VOICE: Combine our powerful voices throughout the industry for the purpose of protecting and promoting gift cards.
  • NETWORKING: Create opportunities to share and learn from fellow industry experts.

Committee Structure and Goals

  • Committees are either charged with delivering content (Knowledge Committees) or communicating content (Engagement Committees).
  • Make it easy to understand where opportunities exist. Leverage communication templates & the RGCA website.
  • We’ve limited the evergreen committees so as to allow us to focus on doing a few things exceptionally. The Road Shows/webinars create opportunity to discuss hot topics.
  • Invite specific people to round out committee representation across the supply chain while helping guide people to engagement.

Knowledge Committees

  • Legal/Government Affairs/Accounting
  • Fraud, Risk, Data Security
  • Insights
  • Gift Card Certification and Education

Engagement Committees

  • Forum
  • Road Shows
  • Internal Communications
  • Membership
  • MarComm & PR

Committee Sign-Ups

Members are welcome to sign up for any and all RGCA Committees. For more information on Committee activities and initiatives, please contact info@thergca.org.


Standing Committees

Executive Committee          

Mission: Take timely actions when Board is not convened; oversee relationship with Association Management Company.

Chair: Erin Wood, Subway

Vice Chair: Ken Bott, Darden Restaurants

Treasurer: Lesa Hernandez, GameStop

Chair Emeritus: Nathan Ehrlich, The Home Depot

Finance Committee        

Mission: Monitor finances, develop annual budget and make recommendations to the Board as needed.

Chair: Lesa Hernandez, GameStop

Other Committees

Legal/Government Affairs/Accounting Committee

2020 Focus:

  • Monitor relevant legislative and regulatory matters and report to the membership
  • Oversee legal counsel
  • Prepare and send opinion letters to lawmakers on behalf of RGCA as appropriate when a bill/legislation is under review
  • Facilitate discussions and interactions with other Government or Industry related agencies that impact closed-loop gift card industry

Chair: Nathan Ehrlich, The Home Depot

Fraud, Risk and Data Security Committee         

2020 Focus:

  • Develop Gift Card Data Security Standards for all stages of the supply chain that captures recommended best practices to minimize fraud risk (consider turning it into a best practice seal of approval)
  • Develop an annual award that highlights a member company who has demonstrated the highest of standards of data security or has introduced a new way to mitigate risk in the gift card space
  • Monitor fraud trends and report to the membership by way of Internal Communication Committees
  • Train all members to respond to fraud related inquiries from the media

Co-Chairs: Kevin Halvorsen, Macy’s; Marina Hodges, Blackhawk Network

Insights Committee

2020 Focus:

  • Financial benchmarking: curate and/or create financial insights that can be used to benchmark the size of the industry
  • Consumer research: develop FY 2020 research agenda focused on topic TBD by committee member vote

Co-Chairs: Ken Bott, Darden; Deb Merkin, Gift Card Partners

Gift Card Certification & Education Committee       

2020 Focus:

  • Develop 101 educational materials and a certification process
  • Facilitate training and certifications (discounted or RGCA group training ops):
    • CISSP and/or CIPP
    • Payments Training
    • Negotiations Certification
    • Fintech Certification
  • Conduct certification sessions throughout the year in conjunction with other events

Chair: Jayne Stegemiller, Zaxby’s

RGCA Forum Committee          

2020 Focus:

  • Oversee the Forum event in close partnership with RGCA Staff
  • Coordinate agenda and content across all committees in close partnership with Knowledge Committee leads

Chair: Martha Weaver, Raise.com

Road Shows/Lunch & Learn Committee

2020 Focus:

  • Coordinate content and speakers for quarterly Lunch & Learn series around the country to provide opportunity for recruitment and member engagement
  • February 2020 – Orlando
    • Topic: 2nd intercept or Innovation
  • May 2020 – Denver
    • Topic: 3rd intercept
  • August – NYC
    • Topic:  TBD

Chair: Chairs will be member volunteer(s) from host city with oversight by the Executive Committee

Internal Communications Committee                                        

2020 Focus:

  • Determine ongoing strategies for sharing RGCA content and news by way of the website, SKIM, newsletters & email communication
  • Complete website optimization and lead website updates
  • Conduct Committee interviews for use in internal communications such as the quarterly newsletter

Chair:  Laura Parker, Best Buy

Membership Committee

2020 Focus:

  • Develop membership recruitment and retention strategies
  • Leads recruitment efforts for RGCA               

Co-Chairs: Kathy Cook, DSW; Jeff Weatherly, Optimum Card Solutions

MarComm & PR Committee                  

2020 Focus:

  • Oversee marketing, media inquiries, and PR initiatives with the goal of continuing to reinforce the RGCA as the go to for all gift card topics (Promote the RGCA as the Voice of the Industry)
  • Train committee members to respond to media inquiries

Chair:  Kim Sobasky, Inspire Brands