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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RGCA?

The Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA) is a member created and member sustained, non-profit trade association.  Formed by retailers in 2008 with a mission to create consumer centered policies and procedures for members that will let consumers continue to confidently buy and use the cards that have become the #1 gift choice over last several years.

Who is eligible for membership?

RGCA membership is open to retailers, restaurants, suppliers, distributors, and travel-and-entertainment merchants that issue closed-loop gift cards in North America and whose primary revenue is not derived from gift cards, as well as companies that support the industry.

How many individuals are included in a membership?

The RGCA is a corporation membership. The number of individual members from each company will depend on the level of membership the company joined.  Please refer to the RGCA Member Benefits Matrix for more information.

What are the membership requirements?

Members must be retailers, suppliers, and distributors that issue closed-loop gift cards and other organizations that support the industry, and who agree to abide by the Code of Principals which may be viewed on the RGCA website.

 Applicants must be retailers, suppliers, and distributors who issue closed loop gift cards but whose primary revenue is not derived from gift cards.

What are the membership levels?

The RGCA currently offers three Retailer levels of memberships: Leadership, Executive, and Associate. Details on the benefits of each level are available here. There also are Supporting member and Affiliate member categories.

Are 3rd Party Mall Companies, Incentive Companies or Gift Card agencies eligible for membership?

Yes, we accept Distributors and Suppliers as members now.

What are some of the work stream initiatives the RGCA will focus on?

Based on feedback from our members, below are some of the current initiatives the RGCA is focusing resources on:


    • Collection of sales data from membership to identify true size of closed loop segment of the Prepaid Industry as well as provide ability to rank proprietary brands against industry and category sales.
    • library of articles, research, case studies and white papers
    • Fraud task force


    • recruitment, retention, education and expanded benefits
    • creation of restaurant sub-group


    • PR campaign to consumers, media, regulatory groups & members focusing on education & awareness of closed loop gift cards
    • enhanced association website www.theRGCA.org
    • enhanced members only group site

 Government Relations

    • legislative and regulatory updates
    • Government Relations working group

What type of budget is the RGCA working with and how will it be divided among the different initiatives?

The RGCA is a member-sustained association; as such, the budget and the allocation of the budget will be dependent on the number of members who support the association.

Does the RGCA have any plans to collaborate with industry suppliers to help support its efforts in proactively promoting the benefits of closed-loop gift cards?

Gift card vendors, suppliers, processors, marketers, etc. are eligible for membership in the RGCA. There may be occasions where it would benefit the industry to unite the RGCA’s voice with other associations, companies, or events.

Will there be a required compliance for all members to utilize the RGCA logo?

Usage of the RGCA logo is voluntary. We encourage all members of the RGCA to prominently feature the logo on their website, collateral, and gift cards to reinforce that their gift cards offer “consumer friendly” practices. The RGCA will distribute press releases that promote the association of the RGCA logo and the Member as a “best practice” company.

I am a supplier/vendor, is there an opportunity to present or promote my services to your membership?

There are sponsorship opportunities available for membership meetings, educational webinars and other events.  All presentations are required to be educational first with the opportunity to tie in your company’s value proposition as a secondary focus.  To request information on how to become a sponsor contact info@thergca.org.