IGCC and RGCA Offer Reciprocal Membership Discount

    IGCC and the Retail Gift Card Association have formed a partnership to extend a reciprocal membership discount to eligible members of each other’s association. While IGCC was organized to promote the use of cards as preferred award choices in B-2-B programs, RGCA complements the IGCC’s focus in the incentive segment by providing advocacy, support, education and PR on the positive attributes of closed loop gift cards across all closed loop prepaid segments.

    IGCC member companies that qualify for RGCA membership, will receive a 15% discount off their first year RGCA dues($375, $750 or $1,500 value depending on level of membership). And RGCA members who are eligible to join IMA and IGCC will receive a 15% discount off their first year IGCC dues (a $60 value) and a $150 discount of their first year IMA dues. This new program goes into effect on
    September 1.

    Information about the Retail Gift Card Association and their membership qualifications is available at www.thergca.org.

    Information about the Incentive Gift Card Council (IGCC) is available at www.usegiftcards.org