Money can’t buy you love…but a Universal Gift Card can!

    Valentine’s Day is easy for men, all they have to do is buy a bunch of roses or box of chocolates and their significant other will be over the moon.

    What about us girls though? There’s no easy gift to give to men on Valentine’s Day! put together a list of the worst gifts to get the man in your life, with the top 10 including: Socks, cologne, a book that is meant to improve your relationship, sports-related gifts that are not from his favourite team, novelty underwear, bath products, tickets to something you want to see, homemade certificates, cleaning supplies and grooming products that imply “improve yourself”.

    After ruling out these terrible gifts, what Valentines Day gifts should you buy? The team at Universal Gift Cards has the answer for you…give him a Universal Gift Card, a prepaid Visa gift card that can be used at over 25 million stores worldwide and online.

    He can shop at his favourite department store, restaurant, sports store, hardware store… anywhere he wants, buying anything he likes.

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    The cards can be purchased at, Australia’s premier online retailer of all the popular gift cards including Universal Gift Cards, David Jones and Myer.Universal Gift Cards are available in a range of designs and denominations from $25 – $500. Cards are posted on your behalf with your special message.
    Monday, February 06, 2012 – Gift Card Store